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1. Are you the owner?

If the person that shows up at your house is the owner, chances are you are working with a very small company. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Just make sure you check references and or google their business and business owner name to make sure that there are not an abundance of negative comments.

2. How are you compensated?

Plumbing techs are compensated in many different ways. Some are paid a straight hourly wage no matter how many calls they go on. Some are not paid anything and make all their money as a percentage of what your bill turns out to be. Most are paid a combination of hourly and commission. If a plumbing tech is 100% commission based, you need to know and take this into account. Consider getting a second bid in this case.

3. How do you do your pricing?

Plumbing companies either do spot bids or they go on a pricing structure that is generated by their professional organization. This means you will be charged the same for the job (+ parts) no matter how long the job takes. It is usually based on the average time that a particular type of job takes. In this instance, you are losing out if the job you had would have only required a few minutes, but you could be well saving if your job would have taken longer. If your plumbing company is giving you a “spot bid”, this means that they are bidding on the actual job and should theoretically be taking into account the actual amount of time that this particular job should take. The problem with this bid type is that they may also be taking into account what kind of watch you are wearing or what kind of car you drive to determine how much they think you will be comfortable with.

4. Do you have coupons for free service calls?

Most companies occasionally offer free service calls for areas that they are trying to improve or for booking an appointment online. Ask the plumbing company that you are speaking with if they have any plumbing coupons available online.

5. Where can I get your guarantee in writing?

Most plumbing companies will have a copy of their guarantee for parts and labor available somewhere in their literature or online. Simply find out where and make sure you keep a copy in a file so that you have recourse should you have a part wear out prematurely or because of shoddy workmanship.

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